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ThermographyThermography . . . A difference you can feel!

Sometimes your printing needs to make a special impact. Whether it's business cards, corporate announcements, letterhead or a promotional piece, we can raise the colored inks or clear varnish in just the right spot to turn heads and make an extraordinary impression with your printed products. We are one of the few printers still utilizing this special process that adds a plastic resin to the ink, which is then run through a special heater, causing the ink to bubble up off the paper for a difference you can literally feel.

A less expensive alternative to engraving . . . Thermography raises the ink instead of the paper, so it can still be felt without the costly expense of a metal die used for engraving. Raising the ink gives you the high end feel for a low end price.

And It's Faster, Too . . .

Not only does raised printing look fabulous, it's also faster because there is no need to wait for the ink to dry before trimming or packaging the finished pieces. That means we can finish a thermography job the same day it is printed. Better and faster, who could ask for more. Give us a call today to get a sample or discuss your venture.

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