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Eco-Friendly PrintingEarth-Friendly Printing

You want to make an impact with your promotional materials, but none of us wants to make too much of an impact on the planet. At Crown Printing, we take environmental stewardship very seriously. Here are some of the ways we do that:

  • We offer soy inks, which are biodegradable and better for the environment
  • We use recycled paper for as many jobs as we can
  • We use digital printing to produce smaller print runs more economically, which means less waste

Our In-House GREEN Practices

Being earth-friendly also has a lot to do with how we go about business in our shop. Inevitably, the process of printing creates a certain amount of waste materials. We make it our priority to re-use or recycle this waste material and not just throw it away. We often convert this waste into notepads or use it to setup other jobs throughout our shop. It's all about being mindful of our environment, and we're serious about that.